All people have their own songs, favourite artists or playlists that they use, but despite that, there is something that is always common – music is simply wonderful and even fantastic. The reason for this is that music is not just sweet tones that go into our ears, but that you can actually use the music to feel good at the same time. With the help of music, you can get more energy in your body, feel better if you are down and listening to music can also make you feel less bored.

However, that is not all. Studies have shown that people who listen to music every day are actually healthier and have a lower risk of disease. If you also want to be healthier and have the music with you daily, you can visit for a pair of practical headphones that fit your mobile phone.

That’s why music is so important

Are you not convinced enough about all the health benefits of music? No danger! Below we have compiled a list of some of the absolute best aspects of listening to music.

1. Listening to music every day prevents hearing problems.

2. People suffering from dementia have given positive reactions when they have heard music. Even old memories have been able to come back.

3. Music makes you better and faster at reading.

4. Did you know that happy and fast music can actually make you a kinder and more helpful person?

5. There is a big difference between training with and without music. If you have music in your ears while exercising, you can count on performing much better. You also get more energy, which means that you can stay in the gym or on the running track longer.

6. Music makes you unwind and get rid of stress in everyday life.

7. Music can make you recover faster.

It is also said that music can have an effect on pain. A study shows that people who were allowed to listen to music before, during and after an operation did not need as much or as strong pain medication during recovery.

These are just a few of the benefits that music has in your life. You can certainly find yourself in one or another situation where the music has helped you in your everyday life, perhaps just when you have felt sad or when you want to get in the mood. Which music you choose depends on your own interest. This means that all music styles work for all different types of purposes. Only you can decide if it is classical music or hard rock that makes you relaxed or happy.

 8. Relaxing music for studies

Relaxing music optimizes our cognitive processes. We concentrate and process information better, and we absorb new information faster and more efficiently. As we mentioned, our brain loves balanced, harmonious musical stimulation. In fact, there are frequencies that can help our brain work better.

Test for yourself! Take advantage of the magic of relaxing music the next time you have a test or an exam. Another interesting fact that experts in music psychology tell us is that all it takes is 10 to 15 minutes of relaxing music every day for a few weeks to notice the benefits .